The Council of Rectors publicly expresses its solidarity with the University of Concepción and its university community, with its rector, Mr. Sergio Lavanchy Merino and his family, for the reprehensible acts of violence that have affected them in recent days, promoted by student groups that they have not known how to value the instances of dialogue that exist in said university community. These groups of students from the University of Concepción have called for a mobilization that promotes the path of “takings” and actions of injury to the university authorities, generating a climate of violence and isolation that make meeting spaces impossible. 

The Council of Rectors emphatically reiterates its deepest rejection of violence in all its forms. These actions will never be part of coexistence in a university institution, as these are the institutions where people are trained in a spirit of dialogue, mutual respect and freedom, in constant pursuit of the common good. Such behaviors constitute serious threats to the norms and culture of a rule of law, which the Council of Rectors condemns in absolute terms because they degrade valuable traditions not only university, but also the basic pillars of democracy and respect for the universal rights of every person.