Seeking convergence around the strengthening of Public Education

Rectors, students and parliamentarians.

At the request of Deputy Carlos Montes, member of the Mixed Budget Commission, a meeting was held with the Executive Vice President of CRUCH, Juan Manuel Zolezzi and student leaders, such as Gabriel Boric, Camila Vallejos and Noam Titelman, among others, in order to approximate positions around the budget discussion for 2013 where the central axis that brings together the three instances is the strengthening of Public Education. 

“We agree to make an effort to advance in the strengthening of public education, both in higher education and also in secondary education, which is becoming very critical. We want public and quality education to be available to all Chileans, for which we are going to propose that there must be a growth in the coverage provided by the institutions of the Council and for that there must be resources to supply, and not only to the demand, because we do not want the CRUCH universities to disappear from this country because we consider that they are extraordinarily necessary, ”said Rector Zolezzi.

The approaches between the three entities converge on the issue that in this budget the survival of public education is at stake and the search for a real revitalization is urgent. “We believe that society has to strengthen public universities and CRUCH universities and the different institutions cannot compete as if they were all the same. We need the basal contributions to have a density and scope that allow these universities to grow ”, said Deputy Carlos Montes at the end of the meeting.

In the coming days they will continue talking in order to present a joint position and develop common lines of action, which revolve in favor of changing the logic of financing education, aiming to end financing on demand and move to one that goes direct to institutions at all levels of education.