"It is not the same to have a real estate company than to have a Technology Consortium"

Sergio Lavanchy, alternate vice president of CRUCH and rector of the Universidad Concepción

The Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors was received by the Minister of Education Harald Beyer in order to express his annoyance at the way in which the Report of the Financial Statements of the universities was presented to the public opinion and also, to know from first source , the critical position on the ranking that the Mineduc has had in recent weeks, spelled out profusely through the media.

“We have agreed with the Minister that although we have different methodologies, in all of them it is possible that there are exceptional cases and situations. In the one that we have raised and that is the one that is going to be applied because it is approved by the CRUCH, the ministry maintains its criticism in this regard. We believe that it contributes to increasing equity, although Mineduc insists that there are other methodologies that would be better. Finally, the issue remains the same as it has been raised so far, the Council of Rectors approved the ranking and it will be included. Yesterday the universities submitted their weightings for the different PSU, NEM and ranking tests, ”said the Executive Vice President of CRUCh, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, at the end of the meeting.

Regarding the issue of the dissemination of the financial statements of the universities to the public opinion, a matter for which the rectors had requested the meeting, the rectors expressed their concern about the construction of the indicators to make these reports and explained that the type The number of related companies that CRUCH universities have are very different from the type of companies that have been considering themselves as profit-making universities. 

The rector Sergio Lavanchy, rector of the University of Concepción and Alternate Vice President of CRUCH, indicated his satisfaction after the meeting since it was clear that the way in which information is delivered must be improved as it is unprecedented to put real estate companies at the same level with cultural corporations, as happened with his house of studies.