In the search to establish future alliances between CRUCH and UNIFI

Closing session of Forum II Chile-Finland

With a closing session in the offices of the Council of Rectors, the week of activities of the meeting between Chilean rectors of CRUCH, their Finnish counterparts from UNIFI and the Estonian Rectors Conference (ERC) called Forum II, Chile-Finland culminated. At the meeting - which was attended by the entire delegation of rectors and academics from the different Finnish higher education institutions and most of the representatives of CRUCH universities who received the representatives of UNIFI in their study houses - a synthesis of all the possible projects, links or networks possible to build between the CRUCH universities and the universities belonging to the UNIFI was carried out.

Víctor Cubillos, rector of the Austral University and President of the International Relations Committee of CRUCH, and who was in charge of moderating the final session, was satisfied with the excellent opportunity to have shared experiences with his Finnish peers and is very motivated to achieve the concretion in tangible projects of the interests found.

“Personally, I am very happy and grateful, motivated and excited because it has been a very intense week. Now we have to be serious, the task has to be done and not be too ambitious, choose a couple of projects between both councils of rectors and make them concrete, monitoring their continuity ”, he explained.

For her part, one of her peers from Finland, Aino Sallinen, Doctor of Philosophy and rector for more than 20 years of the University of Jyväskylä, expressed during the last meeting with representatives of the CRUCH, her pleasure at being able to gather in her visits to the different Chilean universities the interests of these houses of studies and with this the possibilities to which Finnish students could access.

“The experience helped us to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that in reality we both know little about each of our countries. This visit to Chile helps us to realize the importance of promoting communications with this country, for example in the field of teacher training, which is a priority area of the University of Jyväskylä and I realized how important is this issue here ”.

To conclude, the rector Cubillos pointed out that as a result of the two forums that have been held, it has been possible to clearly know how to reconcile the interests of both universities and for that it was concluded to establish 4 major collaboration mechanisms - which will be established in a document - with the objective of that they truly materialize.

“First: That the collaborations are established between universities directly where a researcher or academic agrees with a peer. Although at this point it is good to specify that there are cross-cutting issues and that in these cases it is much better to work on them collaboratively between UNIFI and CRUCH. Second: That mobility is materialized in a common way among our institutions, both that of academics and that of students. Third: That all research and competitions for national funds must converge in large projects where the work of groups of Chilean and Finnish universities that have the same interest and with the main north of not competing among ourselves converge. For example: Centers of Excellence that can be brought together on topics such as education, mining, astronomy, etc. and finally, that we have an annual activity: a seminar or a large national meeting that could be alternately one year in Finland and another year here, where people from all over the world come and a powerful space for discussion is built ”, he listed with details the President of International Relations of the Council of Rectors. 

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