Forum between Chilean rectors and their Finnish peers

CRUCH and UNIFI meet at FORUM II this Monday, August 20 at the University of Santiago:

Teacher training in Finland, international offer in education and science and technology policies, among other Higher Education issues will be analyzed at Forum II Chile-Finland
They will visit CRUCH universities in Antofagasta, Valdivia and Valparaíso. 
Next Monday, August 20, the Chilean rectors grouped in CRUCH and their Finnish counterparts, organized as UNIFI, will meet for the second time at Forum II Chile-Finland. The main objective is to hold a forum to exchange information about their respective educational models, experiences and future of Higher Education in each of their countries, in addition to continuing with collaboration projects between the universities of the Chilean Council of Rectors and his Finnish colleagues, which began at Forum I, held in April last year in Helsinki and was attended by a delegation of Council rectors.  
On the occasion, papers will be presented that characterize the Higher Education systems in both countries, teacher training in Finland, international offer in education and science and technology policies, with the focus on possible future collaborations between CRUCH Higher Education institutions and those of the UNIFI. 
The Finnish rectors after the long day on Monday, will be divided into three groups to carry out three regional visits. A delegation will go to Antofagasta where they will visit the Paranal Observatory and the University of Antofagasta and the Universidad Católica del Norte where they will meet with academics to discuss mining, astronomy and education issues. Another group will be received by the Austral University in Valdivia, where possibilities for academic collaboration will be projected and a third group will travel to Valparaíso, where biotechnology is their priority at the Federico Santa María Technical University and the Catholic University of Valparaíso and in the areas of education and social sciences at the University of Playa Ancha and the University of Valparaíso. 
Back in Santiago they will visit three universities in the metropolitan region: the University of Chile, the Catholic University and the University of Santiago, where they will meet with rectors, deans and students visiting some of their respective faculties. 
The first meeting was held in April last year in the city of Helsinki, where a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between both organizations that established the bases for mutual academic cooperation. At that meeting, the Finns explained in their presentations topics such as educational reform and the internationalization of UNIFI universities, in addition to addressing more global issues such as financing, current trends in higher education, quality assurance and curriculum development. 
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