The Council presented the ranking to the Education Commission of the Chamber

In the building of the Former National Congress of Santiago, a special session of the Chamber of Deputies was held where the Executive Vice President of CRUCH, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, was invited to speak about the inclusion of the ranking as an additional requirement to the 2013 University Admission and Selection Process On the occasion, the Education Commission was able to consult and discuss the new admission mechanism. 

Regarding the impact that the ranking would have, in the session it was said that although the expectations for this year are low since the change for 2013 will be limited, what is expected in the future with the revisions that will be made is that the Retention rates and universities increase their rates of timely graduation, with motivated and hard-working students who are within the best 10% of their generation.

“I am leaving very happy, I think we have had the opportunity to answer all the concerns that have been raised by the deputies; In addition, we have heard statements from everyone without distinction that the system is beneficial and that although it is not a transcendental change, it is worth doing and it benefits the admission system, we are on the right path towards equity. I am leaving satisfied because the inclusion of the ranking has the approval of the majority of our parliamentarians from the distinguished Commission on Education ”, said Zolezzi.

Parliamentarians from both the opposition and the government said they were in favor of the ranking, although they raised apprehensions - already known to the press - such as that it is not strictly a ranking, but rather that it would be a bonus or that of that the notice of its implementation was announced high above for the students who will participate in the Admission Process this year.

The CRUCH, represented by its vice president and accompanied by the Academic Vice-Rector of the PUC, Roberto González; the USACH academic, Francisco Javier Gil, Eduardo Rodríguez, Director of DEMRE and Jorge Manzi, academic of the PUC and member of the CTA, highlighted positive features of this new tool incorporated into admission, such as predictive validity and contribution to the inclusion that although marginal, recognizes the academic talent of a student without distinguishing where he was born or where he studied.

At the end of the meeting, the vice president of CRUCH explained to the press that a commission with the MINEDUC has not yet been finalized to be able to clarify all the concerns that the education portfolio has regarding the ranking and indicated that he is waiting for it be concrete. "We have not yet sat down at the table to discuss, for example, why one methodology and not another," he said.