"Uniting to promote postgraduate studies at the council's universities"

Meeting of the CRUCH Postgraduate Commission at the University of Chile

At the University of Chile, the Postgraduate Commission of the Council of Rectors met to reflect and guide proposals and challenges on the new postgraduate accreditation procedures; the proposal of a mobility plan for postgraduate students between CRUCH universities and internationalization strategies for the same postgraduate courses; the results of scholarship programs during the period 2012 and finally the definition of priorities and methodologies for the development of this Commission, which essentially converged in the interest of joining forces to promote the postgraduate area in the Council's institutions.

Iñigo Díaz, President of the CNA, and invited to the meeting, opened the meeting to detail the new procedures for accreditation of postgraduate degrees, provisions of the National Accreditation Commission in order to organize them for the year 2013. According to what Díaz pointed out, the final idea of The changes is to standardize under the same criteria the procedures of institutional, undergraduate and postgraduate accreditations.

Among some of the new regulations that will come into effect next year are to shorten the terms of the process; that of expanding the evaluators to foreign academics and that postgraduate programs with current accreditation must request their incorporation into the accreditation process seven months before the date, a regulation that generated more discussion among attendees, in addition to the request for greater flexibility in this transitional period between current and newly announced standards.

During the day, a proposal was also made for a national mobility program among doctoral students from CRUCH universities that would allow the development of internships among the 25 institutions. At this point, it was requested that the mobility program be extended to master's degrees and not only for doctorates, especially for Council institutions that do not yet have doctorates, and would be left out of this proposal.

For his part, the Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Chile, Daniel Wolff, presented an analysis of the recent results of the Conicyt Advanced Human Capital Contests, where academics reflected on the global situation of postgraduates in Chile.

On the subject of internationalization of postgraduate degrees, the initiative of Mauricio Escudey, Vice-rector for research at the USACH, to generate missions to promote postgraduate programs abroad by preparing information sheets on the different programs offered by universities was known. of the CRUCH. Along the same lines, Teresa Marshall, Executive Director of CRUCH, showed the idea of creating a website with "postgraduate maps" in order to organize and give greater visibility to the postgraduate offerings of CRUCH institutions. The map consists of a web showcase that would have two types of search: one by area of knowledge and the other by geographic location and then enter a more specific link with the detailed information of the program. Due to the arduous and extensive task, it was agreed to start the cadastre only for the doctorates, leaving the magister for later.

The meeting culminated in synthesizing priorities of the CRUCH Graduate Commission and expanding the composition of the steering group, with the integration of Jani Brouwer from PUC, Juan Carlos Parra from UFRO and Manuel Roncagliolo from the University of Valparaíso.

Carolina Jiménez M.
Communications Manager CRUCH
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