Visit of the Rector of California Davis University to CRUCH

Friday, July 20, 2012. This morning the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities received a visit from a team of authorities from UC Davis University in California, United States, led by the rector of the Institution, Ralph J. Hexter. On the occasion, a fruitful dialogue was held regarding existing collaborations and possible cooperations with other CRUCH Study Houses. "

There is a history of an academic collaboration between UC Davis and the CRUCH universities and I look forward to the participation of the CRUCH to continue concretizing the development of the Chile-California program, ”said Rector Hexter, referring to the agreement signed by former President Bachelet in June of 2008 where he signed the memorandum of understanding called "Plan Chile-California: Collaboration for the XXI Century."

Víctor Cubillos, Rector of the Austral University, made a panoramic presentation on the reality of Higher Education in Chile where he showed figures on enrollment, research and challenges of the 25 universities of the Council. Also Teresa Marshall, Executive Director of CRUCH, explained the details about the 9 universities that maintain a close academic collaboration with UC Davis and the areas in which each one investigates, expressing the high expectations that they have around continuing with this academic cooperation.

Some of the research topics that are carried out between both institutions of Higher Education are in climate change with the University of Concepción Universidad dela Serena; Enology and viticulture with the University of Chile; Intellectual Property with the PUC of Valparaíso; Science and technology of food with the University of Concepción; Laws with the University of Chile, Agriculture with the Universidad de la Frontera and student exchange with the UC, among many others.

The meeting was attended by the rectors Jaime Espinoza of the UMCE, José Rodríguez, rector of the Federico Santa María University, as well as several academics and representatives of the different CRUCH universities and by UC Davis, William B. Lacy, Vice-rector of International Affairs and community; Lovell Jarvis, academic and Jorge Rojas, Director of Programs at UC Davis in Chile.