The percentage and formula for implementing the ranking is decided

In plenary session of the CRUCH in Valparaíso 
The percentage and formula for implementing the ranking is decided
Thursday June 28, 2012. Valparaíso. In the monthly plenary session of the Council of Rectors - held today at the Federico Santa María Technical University - the percentage of weighting and the formula that will be used to calculate the ranking as an additional factor to the university selection process was decided. In addition, the CRUCH spokesperson, rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, once again stressed the importance of the ranking as a significant element in the issue of inclusion. “The ranking places students on an equal footing. The important thing is to help all students with good academic performance, regardless of their socioeconomic situation. Now, we must be clear that it is one more factor that is added to the other weighting factors and it is a gradual process, it is not something that is defined today and from here we never do anything else, we have to make modifications in the future ", he pointed.

Regarding the weighting of the ranking, this will have a value of 10% with a variable charge to the grades and the PSU, considering that the sum of grades and ranking cannot be less than 20% According to the words of the rector Zolezzi himself “the The weighting will be a 10%, freely distributed by the different universities in their different careers, reducing the weight to the PSU or the NEM. In this, absolute freedom was left to the different houses of study ”.

In consideration of how the ranking would be calculated, a solution was agreed that, as the representative of the CTA, Jorge Manzi, said, “preserves the fact that no one is harmed with respect to the score that could have been obtained today with the NEMs”.

To calculate the ranking, the grades of the three previous generations of the establishment will be considered. For each one there will be a ranking function, and the students will be measured with respect to that ranking function, it is not that there is a standard ranking function for everyone. Although the grades will be from first to fourth grade, in the 2013 admission process the average of those who graduated in 2011, 2010 and 2009 will be taken, since the grades for 2012 are impossible to have for the ranking calculation.