CRUCH meets with rectors of 8 private Ues

In the offices of the CRUCH, a meeting was held between the CRUCH and the eight rectors of the private universities assigned to the University Admission and Selection Process, who, on the occasion of the incorporation of the ranking as an additional factor to the process, shared and analyzed the meaning and impact that its inclusion in the admission system may have. 

The Executive Vice President of CRUCH, Rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, explained to the representatives of the private study houses what the ranking consists of and the improvement it means from the point of view of inclusion and equity for the most vulnerable students in this country. "There was a very productive dialogue, they reflected on the subject and even received suggestions for future changes in the admission process," he said. 

The rector of the Alberto Hurtado University expressed at the end of the meeting that “this is a first step so that we can look at the problems of Chilean education together and correct the excesses that exist and in that the ideal is that we all have the same parameter and the same demands ”.

Rector Zolezzi also reiterated that the announcement of the exact formula and the percentages to be awarded for the ranking will be analyzed in the next plenary session on Thursday June 28 at the Federico Santa María Technical University. 

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