Inclusion of the Ranking to the Admission Process 2013

The inclusion of the ranking in the 2013 admission process means that an additional instrument is added to the grades (NEM) and the PSU score to the CRUCH University Admission and Selection System, without replacing any of these factors. 

The ranking consists of rewarding students from each educational establishment, who have obtained the best marks during high school. The ranking, in general terms, seeks to order the students of each high school, according to the academic performance achieved. Recognizes the effort of having completed high school with grades above the average of their educational establishment.

Its final objective is to take a step towards equity in terms of access to Higher Education, reducing the weight of the PSU. A better balance is expected between the PSU score and high school performance.

The decision to include the ranking as a selection variable is a process that has been in the making for more than twenty years and that last Thursday, June 14, began a new stage in its construction and development, with the unanimous approval of the 25 rectors of the CRUCh.

The final methodology (how it will be calculated and how the universities will weigh it) will be decided on June 28 at the next CRUCH plenary session, and will be explained in detail after that date. The following week it will be available on the DEMRE website, and on the CRUCH website,, where all the necessary information for students will be published: how the ranking is calculated, response to the frequently asked questions about the ranking and, most importantly, a link where a simulation of its calculation can be carried out.