The CRUCH approves inclusion of the ranking in the 2013 admission process

In an extraordinary plenary session, the inclusion of the ranking was approved as one more element within the selection variables from the 2013 admission process.

In addition, the calendar for the 2013 admission process was established, leaving the PSU surrender date for December 3 and 4.

Santiago, Thursday June 14, 2012. “Starting today the DEMRE (Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registration) and the CTA (Technical Advisory Committee) begin to work in order to implement the ranking process and establish the corresponding mechanics so that we have in the selection process this year, the inclusion of the ranking of grades of the students of all the schools whether they are municipal, private-subsidized or paid individuals ”, declared Juan Manuel Zolezzi, Executive Vice President of CRUCH, then of the extraordinary plenary session that brought together the 25 rectors around the issue of ranking and the definition of the calendar for the 2013 Admission Process. 


Project long discussed and longed for by many sectors of the citizenry, the inclusion of the ranking of grades as one more element within the selection variables must be assumed by all the universities adhering to the admission process, which would be the 25 institutions that make up the CRUCH and the 8 private universities that joined last year. 


The final objective of the integration of this new variable is to reduce inequity and the lack of socioeconomic diversity that exists within schools today, expanding the possibilities of entering higher education. “The PSU serves, has served for many years and will continue to serve for many others. What happens is that by itself it cannot eliminate an effect that students bring from their own schools, which is the inequity of the point of view of knowledge and the quality of teaching to which they were subjected during their training. When we are talking about ranking we can put those students who are in the first places of a paid private school and in the first places of a municipalized one on an equal footing ”, emphasized Zolezzi. 


The CRUCH agreement was final in the decision to include the ranking for this year, but the definitive procedure of how it will be carried out will be presented by the CTA and DEMRE in the next plenary session to be held on Thursday, June 28. at the Federico Santa María de Valparaíso University. In addition, for that same date the rectors undertook to detail the weighting range of this measure. 


Another important agreement was the calendar for the 2013 Admission Process. The PSU dates were set for Monday, December 3 (Language and Communication and Science) and Tuesday, December 4 (Mathematics and History). Sunday December 2 was established as the day for the recognition of rooms. The results of this year's University Selection Test will be delivered on December 26 from 11 p.m. and the applications -which will be via the internet- will be on December 27, 28 and 29. 

On January 8, the selection results will be published and from the next day enrollment and the withdrawal period will begin, which lasts for 10 days, until January 18. 



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