Mª Zuñiga: “If we want the best to come to education, let's start by also introducing a minimum in the application ...

María Zuñiga, Pdta. From Deans of Education of the CRUCH after meeting with Minister Harald Beyer: "If we want the best to come to education, let us also introduce a minimum in the application for admission"

In the Ministry of Education, the deans of Education of the CRUCH met today with Minister Beyer to discuss teacher training and results of the Initiative Test, among other issues. At the end of the meeting, the President of the CRUCH deans of education, María Zuñiga, pointed out that demanding a minimum application score of 500 points for all the Higher Education institutions that dictate the pedagogy career is a matter of beginning.  

“Fundamentally we wanted to see how the ministry welcomes our positions in the sense of proposing a public policy of teacher training. Who is going to apply for pedagogy careers because last year the CRUCH agreed to consider a minimum application score of 500 points and as we are on the line of selectivity for entry, we want to limit since there is an important part of the Higher Education System that it is deregulated. There are careers in universities that are not CRUCH that do not have this minimum application. It seems to us a matter of principle. If we want the best to come to education, let's start by also introducing a minimum in the application for admission, ”said the also dean of Education at the U. de la Serena. 

Beyer expressed that in the Ministry they were available to advance in the direction of having more entry requirements for pedagogy careers. “The demands can be higher points or of another nature, such as having to do with the ranking of the establishments' grades. We have to be careful to choose the most suitable instruments for this purpose ”said the educational authority. 

Regarding the issue of the Initial Test, the representative of the CRUCH deans of Education explained that they had raised concerns about the way in which the results were made known and pointed out how inappropriate it would be for the measurement to be enabling in a short term. He added that they will work on an alternative proposal to the Inicia. 

“We believe that the test is necessary but we believe that at this moment an approach such as that is enabling, it seems to us that it would not be very appropriate because the institutions are working but a little out of time on the references that the test has, such as the standards. We have asked for a little time because it is a long process to make the curricular changes that allow us to incorporate these new orientations. We are talking about having a certain gradualness in this professional qualification of the test and evaluating whether there are other instruments that allow, together with Inicia, to give a more comprehensive dimension to this measurement. It is good to think about standards, numbers and figures, but there is also a value in the training of teachers that is not so tangible, they are not number and I believe that the processes should account for that value, social and cultural formation that the training of teachers has. teachers in Chile ”, expressed Zuñiga. 

Beyer, for his part, indicated that they would give him reasonable times because the situation was unsustainable due to the unsatisfactory results of the Start Test in the country. He added that the Ministry evaluates the Initiative Test as good that meets adequate international standards although they are open to improving it. "We have a project in Congress that makes it enabling and mandatory and what we want is to speed up this project and in fact we have been joining political wills to speed up the process and we hope to have news in this regard soon."

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