In the second meeting of 2012 CRUCH and CONFECH join forces in rejection of profit in Higher Education

In the second meeting so far this year, CRUCH and CONFECH advanced a joint work agenda for 2012 that had as main agreements: the categorical rejection of profit in education and the criminalization of the student movement, specifically by the cases of the leader of the Federation of Mapuche students, José Ancalao, who is with an arrest warrant and the UPLA student, Pedro Quezada, who is currently in prison.

Juan Manuel Zolezzi, Executive Vice President of CRUCH, requested - after the meeting ended - that the accusations against those who face legal problems for demonstrating be immediately dropped. At the same point Gabriel Boric, President of the FECH and member of the CONFECH executive board, joined what was said by Rector Zolezzi and called for an end to this policy of threats and criminalization of the social movement. "They will not deactivate the movement for education with threats, they only give us more energy to move forward," said the student leader.

Both entities also agreed that on the issue of financing, progress should be made towards a system that subsidizes institutions through baseline contributions that strengthen public education, and not insisting on a mechanism to subsidize demand, as proposed by the new financing system proposed. by the government, a project that the rectors have been studying and about which they indicated that they still had many questions.

“We have a lot of doubts, in the first place because the proposal is established on a system that is absolutely unregulated, that does not eliminate profit and that will transfer important resources to Higher Education institutions that, although they are accredited, do not manage the levels of quality that we would expect them to handle. The CRUCH has been very clear that there must be more financing for the offer but one that is recognized, of quality and of excellence. ”, Explained the Vice President of CRUCH.

Regarding the regulation of profit in Higher Education, an issue that both CRUCH and CONFECH raised as essential during the mobilizations last year, Rector Zolezzi said that at this point in the year the problem of who was not profiting was expected to be resolved. . "The minister says that no higher education institution is for profit, especially universities, but the truth is that the reality is not like that," added the rector.

Both entities agreed to continue carrying out a joint agenda and acquired the commitment to meet once a month, with meetings in different regions where they can progress on the different topics on which both CRUCH and CONFECH converge as the issue of democratization within the different schools, the need for a new Accreditation System that ensures not only quality but also excellence, in addition to admission issues such as selection tests for technical-professional schools and integrating the ranking into the university selection. All common interests that are of the highest priority to advance towards a common objective that is the strengthening of public education.

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