Today in the morning at the Conicyt headquarters: Positive meeting between the CRUCH R&D Committee and the President of the Conicyt

Positive was the evaluation of the first meeting of the year between the President of Conicyt, Dr. José Miguel Aguilera, and the Council of Vice-Rectors for Research, Science and Technology of the CRUCH that took place today at the Conicyt headquarters. The researchers raised their concern with the highest authority of the National Research Commission on three priority issues: the co-financing of Universities in Conicyt competitions, overhead and the absence of a clear policy for integrating R&D initiatives for regions .

The objective was to bring together positions on these and other issues to unite criteria between CONICYT and the CRUCH research directors with the ultimate aim of advancing in joint work for the benefit of the development of Science and Technology in Chile. "More than anything in the meeting, instances were identified where it is possible to advance jointly and be able to present alternatives that take into account the needs of the universities and at the same time the possibilities that Conicyt has to cover them," said José Miguel Aguilera after the end of the meeting.
For his part, Miguel O'Ryan, President of the Science, Technology and Research Committee of the Council of Rectors considered the meeting very valuable and productive where both parties were able to find out about their respective views regarding the three priority issues and even the emergence of some Contingent issues that were not on the table, such as the challenge of foreseeing the employment of a high percentage of researchers from BECAS CHILE who will return in the coming years or the creation of the Commission on Challenges of the Future recently established in the Senate.
"The points were discussed, the president of Conicyt responded to each of them and we understand that there are restrictions that do not depend directly on him, however there is space to talk and advance together with all the actors who are in Science and Technology: We, who are the ones who do the research and they who are the ones who finance, are in some way agreeing on strategies to get the maximum benefits for both the country and the research. We believe that progress was made in general terms and we hope to be able to advance in concrete things throughout the year ”, evaluated the President of the CRUCH investigators committee, DR. Miguel O'Ryan from the University of Chile.
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