International Workshop: Development of the Doctorate in a University of Excellence

In the incessant search to strengthen the quality of Higher Education, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) and the University of Concepción, organized for April 24, 25 and 26 an International Seminar-Workshop dedicated to the topic of postgraduate courses and specifically the area of doctorates. Under the name of "Development of the Doctorate in a University of Excellence", the instance will aim to build a space for discussion around innovation, internationalization, management and improvement of the quality of doctoral training in Chile.

Unprecedented experience in Chile, the seminar arises as a result of a study commissioned by the Postgraduate Commission of the Council of Rectors in which a series of evidences are raised that show the need to advance in the areas of quality, internationalization and innovation in doctoral training. To reflect on these issues, three international experts were summoned: one on the topic of internationalization, Dr. Hernan Chaimovich from the University of Sao Paulo, another in the area of innovation and development, Dr. Zlatko Skrbis from the University of Queensland in Australia and a third on the subject of quality who is Professor Patrick S. Osmer of Ohio State University in the United States.

Representing Chile will be Dr. Jorge Allende from the University of Chile; Gabriel Rodríguez, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Relations; Dr. Rosa Devés, pro-rector of the University of Chile; Dr. Ricardo Reich from MECESUP, Dr. Denise St. Jean from Conicyt, María Isabel Munita from Becas Chile and Dr. Dora Altbir, professor at USACH and representative of CRUCH before the National Accreditation Commission, among many other prominent academics, who will analyze and discuss together with all the participants of the panels and workshops the current challenges for the efficient and quality management of doctoral programs, reviewing the different national and international experiences that may give light to the construction of strategies aimed at a solid development of the Postgraduate System in our country.

The activity will be organized in two instances: the first, on Wednesday 25, where the panels will be held where the issues of innovation, internationalization and quality will be addressed, to end the day with a discussion on public policy of postgraduate training in Chile knowing what the Chilean government is doing to strengthen the postgraduate system in universities. A second instance, on Thursday 26, where relevant issues for the quality of postgraduate courses will be addressed in the format of workshops: one that has to do with associativity, that is, how postgraduates can work together and not each one isolated, and another that is related to the contribution that postgraduate programs make in the regional and national development of our country.

The event hopes to summon the directors of Doctorate programs and the directors of Postgraduate studies from the Universities of the Council of Rectors and also from private universities with accredited Doctoral programs.

"The Postgraduate system in Chile: evolution and projections for the Universities of the Council of Rectors". Study carried out by M. Isabel Munita Jordán and Javiera Reyes Brito commissioned by the Council of Rectors. March 2012.
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