Summit meeting between students and rectors: CRUCH and CONFECH reaffirm common themes for 2012

• The Executive Committee of CRUCH and the Executive Board of CONFECH in the first official working meeting established an agenda for 2012 where they continue to coincide on the issues of admission, financing, quality and democratization.

• At the meeting, both parties agreed to maintain a permanent dialogue in favor of the fulfillment of the objectives that advance towards concrete changes in Higher Education.

Monday, April 16, 2012.- In what would be the first meeting of the year in order to set a work agenda, the Executive Committee of CRUCH and the Executive Board of CONFECH, made a balance of last year, where they reaffirmed their coinciding points for 2012 on relevant issues such as admission, financing, quality assurance and control, and the democratization of Universities. In addition, they agreed to work together through monthly meetings.

Noam Titelman, President of FEUC, referred to the mistakes and successes that the relationship between CONFECH and CRUCH had during 2011, underlining the importance of learning from experience. "One of the errors was the distancing between CONFECH and CRUCH, which should not happen again, because beyond the turbulence, the objectives must always be the same," he said.

Without repeating the scenario of last year, the north is to follow a joint framework on the named issues without cutting the communication threads between CONFECH and CRUCH. In the same line of rescuing the experience of last year, Gabriel Boric, President of the FECH, evaluated 2011 as a year without concrete results in the matter. "Only deepening of the model where universities were weakened both by public policy and by mobilization processes," he added.

Both entities were available at all times for the realization of work tables where the demands for a transformation in Higher Education are specified.

Along these lines, the rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, stressed the need to create common spaces. "We need to generate strategic convergence spaces with teams that work permanently that can channel in practice the coinciding points between the students and the principals," he said. 

In this sense, the Executive Vice President of the CRUCH, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, pointed out that the first step in the realization of the demands of 2011 will be the issue of admission to Higher Education, where they will focus on the reformulation of the system with the aim that it is fairer and more equitable, inserting new selection mechanisms such as ranking.

On the other hand, the leaders of the different student federations recalled other important points that it is important to work on, such as advancing the issue of interculturality in the educational system, and deepening technical professional training in universities.

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