In plenary session of the Council of Rectors: Minister of Education commits to advance in key matters of Higher Education

The highest authority of the portfolio confirmed that progress will be made on pending issues such as the Superintendency of Higher Education, quality assurance, end to profit and the State University Law.
The Ministry of Education will deliver within 60 days a proposal on how to improve the reference fee system.
March 29, 2012.- In a monthly plenary session of the Council of Rectors, the highest university authorities held their first meeting of the year with the Minister of Education, Harald Beyer. In the session, the priorities in higher education for 2012 were analyzed and the role that the different actors will play in order to promote a reform that considers key issues.
 “We have to advance in the project of the Superintendency and of the Credit with State Guarantee. Likewise, we are available to work on the Law of State Universities and on a new definition of the Reference Tariff ”, said Minister Harald Beyer.
In this sense, the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, executive vice president of the Council of Rectors, highlighted the expansion of the agenda. “The minister confirmed to us that work will be done to carry out projects that we have promoted and promoted as the Council of Rectors. This is the case of the Law of State Universities, the Superintendency of Higher Education and the improvement of the current system of reference fees, "he said.
Regarding this last point, Minister Beyer promised to deliver within 60 days a proposal on how to improve the current system that regulates and sets the reference tariffs, “we consider that it is key to advance in improving the current system, because the The reference fee sets the amounts of the scholarships, and sometimes it is far from the real fee, that is to say, the costs incurred by our universities to deliver a quality education ”, highlighted the rector Zolezzi.
Likewise, the rectors stressed that beyond the projects that are promoted, a Higher Education policy must be worked and defined that encompasses and gives direction to all the projects that are promoted from now on, "it is key that all actors in education , the rectors, academic and university communities, and experts, let us work and debate which Higher Education policy we want to have ”, concluded Rector Zolezzi.
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