Council of Rectors meets with the president of the Senate to analyze the agenda in higher education

At the meeting, the rectors made a call to address in 2012 the substantial issues in higher education such as the Superintendency of Higher Education, the end to profit and the assurance of the quality of education.

March 28, 2012.- The Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors met this morning with the President of the Senate, Senator Camilo Escalona, to analyze the 2012 educational agenda and offer him the support of the CRUCH to work and advance on all key issues to higher education.

At the meeting, the rectors expressed their concern about the issues and concerns that were raised last year and that have not yet been resolved. “We have expressed our concern that many of the proposals made by the Council of Rectors, and by the students themselves, have not materialized. Indeed, we recognize that there was an improvement in matters of financing and scholarships, but in substantial matters we are still in debt ”, highlighted the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, executive vice president of the Council of Rectors.

 “We are concerned that we do not see a clear itinerary on key issues to reform education, such as quality assurance, the end to profit, and the Superintendency of Higher Education. We believe that a navigation chart should be considered that allows treating and solving them ”, emphasized Zolezzi.

For his part, the president of the Senate, Camilo Escalona, called on the Government to build this agenda through dialogue, “we have on our shoulders the essential responsibility of generating concrete practices that allow progress in the solution of university demands, and for that, we require an agenda. My call is that the Minister of Education can build it through dialogue, "said the authority.

The meeting was also attended by the rectors Aldo Valle, from the University of Valparaíso, Víctor Cubillos from the Austral University, and Héctor Gaete from the University of Bío-Bío.

This Thursday at 9:00 am the Council of Rectors will meet in its Plenary meeting with the Minister of Education, Harald Beyer. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the topics in higher education that will be the priority this 2012.

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