Rectors analyze draft laws on Higher Education

January 19, 2012.- In a monthly plenary session, held at the Austral University of Chile in Valdivia, the 25 rectors of public universities carried out a balance of the work carried out in 2011 by the Council of Rectors and reviewed the draft laws on Education Superior that today they are working on in Congress.

“We were talking about the bills that are in Parliament, we also had a presentation on the issues of credit with State endorsement, the renegotiation of the Solidarity Fund, the issue of the Superintendency and on issues of the Council of Rectors, our meetings with Confech, and the work towards the future and our challenges ”, explained the rector Zolezzi, Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors.
The plenary session of the Council of Rectors began with the presentation of the prominent sociologist and professor at the University of Chile, Alberto Mayol, who carried out an analysis on the significance and legacy of the student movement and the work carried out by the rectors in the educational debate, "It seems very important to us that as university authorities we have an external and critical view of what the student movement meant," said Rector Zolezzi.
In the plenary session, the rectors agreed that next Wednesday the 25th they will meet with the students to finalize agreeing and working on a common agenda for 2012.