Rectors seek to extend student benefits until the end of the second academic semester

The Council of Rectors informed the Division of Higher Education that there are about 130 thousand scholarships for food and maintenance that students from traditional universities have.

The rectors met with the representatives of the Confech to analyze the situation and see how to extend the delivery of these student aid.
In order to support the student petition to extend the benefit of the maintenance scholarships to the entire second academic semester, the Council of Rectors presented to the Ministry of Education a general estimate of the students who could require this benefit during the months of January. and February.
According to the information provided by the Council of Rectors, there are about 130 thousand maintenance and food scholarships that students from CRUCH universities receive today. According to this same quantification, the extension of its delivery would represent a disbursement of more than 3,100 million pesos per month.
 “We hope that all this will end positively and the scholarships for the students will be extended. We are working with the Ministry of Education to make this effective ”, highlighted the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, executive vice president of the Council of Rectors.
The Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors met yesterday morning with the executive board of the Confech, instance in which the numbers of scholarship recipients and the costs of the extension of the delivery of these scholarships were announced. Likewise, the rectors expressed to the students their best disposition to seek a solution to this legitimate demand.
Yesterday afternoon, the rectors met in an extraordinary plenary session in which the Head of the Higher Education Division, Juan José Ugarte, presented the destinations and delivery methodologies of the different funds contemplated in the Budget's Higher Education item 2012.