Council of Rectors and Ministry of Education give the go to PSU

This year about 271 thousand students are taking the PSU from Putre to Puerto Williams. 

Among the innovations promoted by the CRUCH for this process, the entry into force of the PSU score valid for two years stands out.

 December 12, 2011- At the Enrique de Ossó Teresian School, the Minister of Education, Felipe Bulnes, together with the rectors Víctor Pérez and Juan Manuel Zolezzi gave the official start to the surrender process of the PSU. 

This year more than 271 thousand young people are taking the PSU in 605 establishments from Putre to Puerto Williams. A wide coverage that was strengthened because the young people of Lonquimay, Purranque, and Futaleufú will have their own places of surrender, avoiding traveling to neighboring cities as they did in previous years.
In the activity, the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, executive vice president of the Council of Rectors, called on the students to have confidence that the mobilizations of the schools should not affect their results, “the contents that the PSU evaluates are mainly concentrated in the first three years of high school, 4th year only some contents of the first academic semester are evaluated, and these questions are not more than 4 or 5 of the total ”, explained the rector Zolezzi.
Likewise, it was highlighted that this year the PSU score came into effect valid for two years, that is, those who took the PSU in 2010 can use their score to apply to the universities attached to the admission system of the Council of Rectors. 
Regarding the distribution of those who are taking the PSU, as in previous years, the venues with the most young people enrolled are Maipú (10,265), Puente Alto (9,923), and La Florida (8,466), while the venues with less Registered are Juan Fernández (9), Putre (12) and Cabo de Hornos (16).