Prince Philippe of Belgium and university authorities visit Chile.

Between December 4 and 7, Prince Philippe of Belgium will visit Chile together with a large delegation of authorities from the business sector and higher education, among others.

The purpose of the visit by the Belgian university authorities is to strengthen academic collaboration between both countries, especially the relationship between scientific research and productive innovation, that is, university-business ties. 

Among the many activities that will take place on those days, there are two of special relevance to the Council of Rectors, CRUCH.
On December 5, a seminar will be held on the university and innovation relationship, in which it is expected to have a round table where experiences or research programs that meet conditions of excellence, relationship with the productive world and links with the university community will be presented. Belgian.
On the 6th, the Belgian rectors of the universities of Brussels, Liège and Leuven will meet with a group of rectors of the CRUCH universities, in order to analyze the agreement signed in 2007 and the future prospects for academic cooperation between the parties. .