Rectors took stock of the 136 days of mobilizations

For the highest university authorities it is time for students to capitalize on their achievements and participate in the reform of higher education.

 The rectors Víctor Pérez, from the University of Chile, Ignacio Sánchez, from the Catholic University, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, from the University of Santiago and Álvaro Rojas from the University of Talca, took stock of the four months of student mobilizations.

The members of the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors agreed that the students have achieved substantive achievements through the mobilizations and that it is time to make progress. “It is time to honor the commitments that have been made so far. “At some point the Government pointed out the importance of the Superintendency issue and, we believe, that this has to be translated into something concrete in the short term, like the new treatment of state universities, student aid and credits and a law that regulate the lobby in Chile ”, explained the rector Víctor Pérez, executive vice president of CRUCH.
The rector Álvaro Rojas highlighted that the students were able to put education issues on the agenda that were present in society, but that had not been so explicitly expressed. “Putting the issue of public education and profit in the national debate is a success. In addition, (the students) went out of the instrumental measures; more credits, more funds, more resources to the universities, and they put up substantive issues, ”rector Rojas stressed.
Role of the rectors in student conflictl
The rectors also analyzed the role that the Council of Rectors has had in the student conflict and pointed out that there have been both successes and errors.
In this sense, the rector Ignacio Sánchez highlighted as a positive point that the CRUChH has constantly expressed its will to bring positions closer together, “we have always had the will to participate by joining positions. At some point we said that we could be a bridge and they told us that it was not needed. We have shown ourselves available to collaborate ”, he stressed.
Regarding the difficulties that the CRUCH has faced, the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi highlighted the difficulty at certain times in knowing how to lead the conflict, "we have had difficulty managing conflicts and that sometimes makes us not be as spontaneous as we would like to be" .