We value the willingness, availability and openness to make progress

 Rector Víctor Pérez, Executive Vice President of CRUCH.

Representatives of the Council of Rectors participated in the meeting between the Government and the Confech held last Saturday in La Moneda.

 For about four hours, the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, held a meeting with representatives of Confech, high school students, the College of Teachers and the Council of Rectors. The main objective of the meeting was to seek consensus among the different actors to initiate dialogue and lead an educational reform.

For the rector Víctor Pérez, Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, this was a very profitable instance, "all the actors moved forward with a desire for dialogue and we value this availability and frankness to make progress."
To the above, the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi added that there were no points left out of the dialogue, "the need to strengthen public education was raised, we talked about fees and baseline contributions."
Finally, the rector Ignacio Sánchez explained that there was an important approach in eight of the 12 points of the Confech request.
On Monday morning the 9th, the representatives of the Confech met with Minister Bulnes and received a proposal to start working groups on Monday the 12th. The decision of the university students will be analyzed by the different federations and will be discussed with their bases in the meeting that will take place this Thursday 8 in Talca.