Attention to scholarships and credits

One of the main doubts of those who will use their PSU score from last year in the 2012 admission process and have a benefit from the State in terms of financing, is whether or not they will lose it. Here are some clarifications from the Ministry of Education.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, starting this year, the PSU score will be valid in two consecutive admission processes. Thus, those who took the selection exam in 2010 will be able to use their scores in the process that will take place this year without having to take the tests again.

In this way, students who did not obtain the necessary score to enroll in the career that interested them and will take the PSU again; Those who obtained good results last year and want to apply again with their score to another program, or those who had good results, but will still take the entrance exam this year to change their career or university will benefit from this measure, since the The system will allow them to apply with their 2010, 2011 score or both. In the case of applying with both, the system will automatically choose the block that achieves a higher weighting, according to each of the weights raised.

But what about state grants and credits when applying this new provision?
Are they lost? Not necessarily. The Ministry of Education has resolved, for example, that students who make use of their PSU score for the second time and are already beneficiaries of a scholarship for their 2010 results will be able to access the benefit again, which will last for the term formal of the new career, minus the year that was already used. The only exceptions in this case should be the scholarships that specifically indicate that they are aimed at fourth year graduates, such as the Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

Students who have obtained the University Credit Solidarity Fund for the academic year 2011, for their part, and who want to use their score once again in the next process will be able to opt for the credit again for a maximum term equivalent to the formal period of duration. of the new race plus a 50% of additional time.

In the case of the Credit with State Guarantee, there will not be a big change, since the current regulation establishes that the last three PSU rendered are valid for its application. In this way, there is no problem with a student using their score for the second year in a row.

The Ministry of Education will use different channels to inform the student population about these changes. One of them will be a help desk and the other will be the Student Aid officers of the higher education institutions involved, so you have to keep up to date.

People interested in accessing the first year should consider that the application period for scholarships and credits granted by the State will be held in November, through the site or, in the case of Credit With State Endorsement.



Notice the Differences

Applicants should consider that state scholarships and credits are not intended for all students of educational institutions equally. Some are exclusively for students from Rectors Council campuses, others can also be accessed by private institutions and others, CFT and IP.

It should also be remembered that the students of the eight private universities that joined the unique process of the traditional ones will not be able to opt for the same benefits as the first ones just because they use the same selection system. The differences in that case remain.

Source: El Mercurio