Council of Rectors reiterates call to normalize academic activities

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) broadly and deeply values the contribution that students, student leaders, academics, researchers and collaborative staff have made and are making in pursuit of improving the quality of teaching and research in Chile and that it has managed to install on the national public agenda the issue of the urgency of having a quality and equitable educational system.  

In order to advance in the consolidation of the reforms to education and the higher education system in our country that will be analyzed and voted on in the National Congress, the Council of Rectors publicly reiterates its invitation to the students of the universities of the Council of Rectors, CONFECH, to seek ways to reconcile the reestablishment of academic activities within our institutions as soon as possible, guaranteeing the commitments acquired in relation to protected schedules and spaces for reflection, with the necessary maintenance of an active and permanent mobilization of our university communities in favor of achieving the higher education reform that we all long for.  
The Council also calls on all actors to avoid acts of repression and violence that seriously affect our democratic coexistence, and to favor points of dialogue and agreement, essential values of our democratic life and of our university condition.