Rector Ignacio Sánchez: "We think that active student participation is compatible with the normalization of university activities"

Concepción - Two months after the stoppage of academic activities, the rectors invited their students to complement their legitimate mobilizations with the normalization of academic activities.

 In a plenary session of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, CRUCH, held in Concepción, the highest university authorities analyzed the current scenario of educational reform and mobilizations, and called on university students to normalize teaching activities while maintaining the student movement.

“The students have obtained many achievements, they put the issue of education on the political agenda and without a doubt today it is the priority. Now we invite you to move to a new phase, to continue with the student movement, to deepen the content of their legitimate demands, but normalizing academic activities in our universities, "said Victor Pérez, Executive Vice President of CRUCh.
"We think that student participation is compatible with the normalization of academic activities.", Added the rector Ignacio Sánchez, a member of the CRUCh Executive Committee.
In addition to the above, the Council of Rectors analyzed the formation of the working groups, and indicated that it is available to continue working with the Ministry of Education, “as the Council of Rectors there was full agreement on the need to actively participate in the groups of work that they will debate on the different points of the reform ", indicated the rector Ignacio Sánchez.
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