Rectors held a meeting with representatives of the Confech

 At the meeting, the university representatives delivered a document with seven points of convergence to seek consensus with the rectors.

 For about an hour and a half, the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors held a meeting with representatives of the Confech, to share their views regarding the reform of higher education and the Great National Agreement on Education, GANE, presented by the Government.

At the end of the meeting, La Confech delivered to the rectors a document with seven proposals that they hope to reach a consensus with the university authorities. The Council of Rectors undertook to analyze these requests in order to provide them with a prompt response.
At the end of the meeting, the rector Victor Pérez, Executive Vice President of CRUCH, valued this type of instance, and recognized the important role that university students have had in the educational debate, “Our relationship with students is very respectful… students have made a great contribution by putting the topic of higher education on the public agenda ”.