President Piñera presented details of the GANE Plan in a meeting with the Council of Rectors

 Rectors appreciated that the President has put the issue of higher education at the highest national level and has made a proposal to the country through the national chain. At least half of the US$ 4,000 million extra of the Agreement will be destined to higher education.

A meeting of almost two hours held the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors with the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, in the Palacio de La Moneda to learn details of the Great National Agreement for Education (GANE) proposed by the President.

Among other aspects, President Piñera specified the deadlines for the implementation of the bills that are part of this plan, ensuring that, no later than November of this year, they will be in the parliamentary discussion, starting in July with the initiative that it will redefine the Credit with State Guarantee "in such a way that it reaches the 4% (of interest) and that a commission of experts is generated from there." In August the projects that have to do with the Undersecretariat and Superintendency of Higher Education would be sent.
At the end of the meeting, the vice president of CRUCH, rector Víctor Pérez, stressed that "we agree with the President that this issue must be seen with urgency, realism and a vision of the future and, in that sense, we believe that progress has been made."
He added that the Council appreciates that the President “has accepted our approach to make the system transparent through a Superintendency of Higher Education. We believe that this body will guarantee that universities today are non-profit corporations. As the Council of Rectors, we propose that the law be complied with; and that it has been considered that traditional universities, and especially state universities, have access to baseline contributions to ensure their sustainability ”.
“We, as the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors, are going to resume the dialogue with the Ministry of Education, with the aim of continuing to perfect issues in which we must continue to advance. There are situations of student financing that must be perfected ”.
For his part, the rector of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez, appreciated President Piñera's speech since the support for student financing will help thousands of families who are very asphyxiated by education credits.
Photos: Pablo Madariaga, University of Chile