Board of Rectors Announces Date of PSU 2011

 The Council of Rectors announced that the University Selection Test (PSU®) will be held throughout the country on November 28 and 29. 

 With this date, the traditional calendar of the PSU® date is resumed. In 2010 the date had been modified in an extraordinary way due to the earthquake.

The decision was adopted within the framework of the plenary session of the Council of Rectors in conjunction with MINEDUC that was held this Thursday in the city of Punta Arenas, with the participation of the rectors of the main 25 traditional universities in the country.
“This is a date that does not interrupt school activities, it allows not to have caps or crosses with the dates of Christmas and New Years and to close the enrollment process in mid-January. For this reason, the Ministry of Education and the Council of Rectors agreed that it is the best period for the surrender of the PSU® ”, stated Rector Víctor Pérez, Executive Vice President of Cruch.
Likewise, the Council of Rectors agreed on the terms of the letter that they will send to private universities to invite them to be part of the admission system. In this regard, Rector Pérez specified that for private universities to join the traditional admission system, they must meet four basic requirements: publicize the admission quotas for each career, their entry weights, cut-off scores and special entry system . Private universities are expected to provide a response before May 23.
"We hope to have a positive response from them so that we can all work together to improve the income system for higher education in our country," said Rector Víctor Pérez, Executive Vice President of Cruch.