Press Release Council of Rectors.

 In the monthly session held today, the Council of Rectors expressed its concern about the 2011 budget on the subject of Higher Education and announced the validity of the PSU scores for 2 years.

 In the monthly session held today, the Council of Rectors made an important and long-awaited announcement: The validity of the PSU scores for a period of 2 years.

"The Council of Rectors welcomes the request made by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Education in the sense that the score be maintained for 2 consecutive years. We will continue working together with the Ministry of Education to ensure that no student loses benefits or student aid with the implementation of this measure. We believe that it is a good initiative because it will allow students who by vocation to decide to change careers do not have to take the exam again, "said the Executive Vice President of the Council, Rector Víctor Pérez.
The measure will govern from the surrender of the PSU this year, and the last surrender will be considered valid. That is, if a student takes the test this year and decides to repeat it the next, it is always the last score obtained that will be considered.
Regarding the 2011 budget, the Council of Rectors expressed its concern about it. "According to this 2011 budget, higher education is not a priority for this country. We believe as a Council that through financing instruments, a public policy is being imposed without due national debate. By opening performance agreements, in practice a policy and what is being done is to maintain public resources by increasing applicants. This has consequences on the quality and coverage that is given to higher education, and if a policy is to be imposed that opens up fiscal resources, there must be a proper debate in this regard, "said Pérez.
On the other hand, the Council criticized the freezing of solidarity credit funds, which puts at risk an entire cohort of students who would be left without state support. 
In other aspects, the increase in resources for Fondecyt was valued. However, the reduction in regional funds for science and innovation and the resources allocated to associative research was viewed with concern. 
"Although it is said that the budget increases by 8%, that is the average, and it must be borne in mind that the greater growth in the budget in higher education is explained by financial contributions from guarantee provisions for state-endorsed credit. In fact, there are no greater resources. We hope that in the budget discussion, the government and the parliament will resolve these problems ", concluded Rector Pérez.