Council of Rectors announces organization of Higher Education Conference

In the last session of the Council of Rectors on July 29, issues of reconstruction, teacher training were raised and the organization of a Higher Education Conference was announced. 

 Teacher training, reconstruction and the announcement of the organization of the Higher Education Conference were the relevant topics of the July session of the Council of Rectors. 

The reconstruction of the university heritage gained relevance again in the July session of the Council of Rectors. "We are realistic and aware of the scope of the costs and needs of reconstruction, but the universities are an important asset that must be supported, both in the area of heritage and in support of their students," said the rector of the University of Talca , Álvaro Rojas. In this sense, new information was delivered to the Division of Higher Education for its consideration.
Additionally, and within the framework of the challenges of higher education, an important announcement was made. "The Council, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, is in the process of designing and planning a National Conference on Higher Education.
We want to make this instance an opportunity for open and participatory dialogue between all the actors of the system, public and private. The Council of Rectors is very proud to promote this initiative in which we expect broad participation and acceptance, "announced Ignacio Sánchez, rector of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and who chaired the session this month.
"We are very satisfied to be able to collaborate in this call and the Ministry supports the development of this Conference, which we believe is a relevant instance for the debate on higher education in Chile" added Juan José Ugarte, Head of the Directorate of the Education Division Superior of the Ministry of Education.
Another important issue was related to teacher training. "The Council of Rectors has been working on the review of the report generated by the panel of experts convened by the Ministry of Education. We must continue to move forward responsibly and for this our institutions throughout Chile are preparing their respective proposals, which we they will allow us to make a joint approach as a Council in a short time, in line with the current challenges of excellence in teacher training ", concluded the rector Sánchez.
The Council session took place at the University of Playa Ancha, and concluded around 2:00 PM.