In Guadalajara, Mexico, the second International Meeting of Rectors convened by Universia was held, where 985 Rectors and delegations from another 72 Ibero-American universities met to discuss the university of the future.

To give continuity to the 2005 symposium held in Seville Spain, this Second International Meeting of Rectors was held with the motto "For an Ibero-American space of socially responsible knowledge".
This event, organized by Universia on May 31 and June 1, 2010, brought together rectors and presidents of a network of more than 1000 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking universities to debate in Guadalajara, Mexico about the challenges posed by a globalized world. to the Ibero-American universities.
The aim of this meeting was to explore the opportunities for the creation of a global university cooperation space and define the tasks to be carried out by a university committed to society and its future challenges to better fulfill its educational, research and entrepreneurial role.
Other topics considered as one of the axes of this meeting was the Ibero-American Knowledge Space, as an opportunity to contribute to the internationalization of the Ibero-American university. 
Accompanying the documents of the presentation made by Mr. Alfonso Muga, Rector of the P. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso with the topic "Teaching Activity: New Forms and New Scope". 
More information about the meeting can be seen at: http://encuentroguadalajara2010.universia.net/