Rector of the University of Los Lagos is reelected for a new period 2021-2025

The academic community gave the rector Óscar Garrido Álvarez strong support through the voting process that ...
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Rector de la Universidad de Los Lagos es reelecto para un nuevo periodo 2021-2025

Marisol Durán Santis assumes as rector of the Metropolitan Technological University 2021-2025

Source: UTEM Communications This Friday, July 9, 2021, the academic and former Vice Chancellor, Marisol Durán Santis, officially assumed ...
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Marisol Durán Santis asume como rectora de la Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana 2021-2025

UMCE Rector Elisa Araya Cortez: «After 132 years of existence, it is the first time that a woman arrives at the Pedagogical School»

The inauguration ceremony of the new rectory management was broadcast live to the entire community. Source: UMCE Communications ...
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Rectora UMCE Elisa Araya Cortez: «Después de 132 años de existencia, es primera vez que llega al Pedagógico una mujer a Rectoría»

Council of Rectors welcomes the new authorities of the U. Católica de la Santísima Concepción and the U. Austral de Chile

The rectors Christian Mellado and Hans Richter participated today for the first time in the plenary session of the Council, after assuming during ...
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Consejo de Rectores da la bienvenida a las nuevas autoridades de la U. Católica de la Santísima Concepción y la U. Austral de Chile

Higher University Council proclaimed Dr. Hans Richter Becerra as the new UACh rector

"We will move towards a University fully inserted in the 21st century," urged Rector Richter. The Higher University Council proclaimed the ...
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Consejo Superior Universitario proclamó al Dr. Hans Richter Becerra como nuevo rector UACh

CRUCH Universities

There are 30 universities that make up the Council of Rectors. They are universities with extensive experience and excellence in Higher Education, with a presence in all regions of Chile.